Free Speech & Academic Freedom

The First Amendment protects speech and expression, including controversial or offensive speech and expression, from censorship or punishment by the government.   Nowhere is this more important than on college and university campuses – where new and sometimes controversial ideas are supposed to flourish. This free exchange of ideas is vital to a diverse and rich education.


However, especially in recent years, universities have tried to shut down many students, faculty, and employees whose views don’t align with campus orthodoxy. Increasingly, campus administrators have set themselves up as censors who repress the free exploration of ideas, dialogue, and debate.


Whether you are a member of the media, a professor, a high school or college student, or just a citizen trying to make your voice heard, don’t let anyone bully you into giving up your First Amendment rights. We believe passionately in the right to free speech. Our attorneys have spent more than 15 years advocating for the rights of individuals facing censorship… and we will fight for you.  


We focus on: 

  • Academic Freedom Violations
  • Punishment for Speech on Social Media
  • Compelled Speech
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Religion
teacher performing lecture for high school students

Are you facing censorship? We can help.