Faculty and Student Rights

Facing expulsion or termination for misconduct charges is frightening. Your education, career, and reputation are on the line. University bureaucrats are often incompetent, malicious, or both – and they hold your future in their hands.

This is why we help students and faculty assert their rights under civil rights laws, the Constitution, and other state and federal laws.

We’re passionate about protecting you. We have what it takes to WIN.

We build relationships within the university and foster alliances to protect your education or career. Others often overlook that the university setting is different. Campus courts are not civil or criminal courts, and the rules of the game are different. We understand both the written and unwritten rules of the game in campus proceedings.

As we work with your school, we seek leverage to use on your behalf. This gets results in the short term, but it also lays the groundwork if the matter ends up going to trial. We prepare for everything to better advocate for you.

We focus on: 

  • Free Speech and Academic Freedom
  • Title IX Violations
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Disability Rights
  • Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Charges
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