Relentlessly pursuing justice.

When you are being censored, silenced, harassed or wrongly accused, it’s difficult to know where to turn. You probably feel like the deck is stacked against you. At Allen Harris, we understand how frustrated and desperate you may feel.

We represent students, faculty, and employees who have been treated unjustly at the hands of college and university administrators. Come to us if you feel alone, isolated and mistreated. We are passionate about facing these kinds of injustices head-on, using every means available to us – including both legal recourse and media exposure when necessary.

Our clients’ concerns are our concerns. We approach each case with the sense of importance it deserves. This is your life. You can trust us to protect your future and defend your rights.

Our Attorneys

Your future is at stake. Let us fight for you.

You don’t have to let your college or university have the last word in determining your future. Tell us what you’re up against and we’ll protect your rights and your reputation.